Temp Chef with Pertemps Network Catering 1993 – Present

Customer Service (Score 1 – 10)

  • Level of customer service provided by the Consultant - 10
  • Sufficient amount of information provided by the Consultant - 10
  • Communication with Consultant from enquiry/registration to placement in employment - 9
  • How likely are you to refer us to someone you know looking for employment – 10
  • How did you find your whole experience with your consultant at Pertemps Network Catering – 10
  • Who is/was your Consultant? Helen Sandland
  • If you could put in words how you felt we represented you during your job search that would be much appreciated? I am constantly kept informed of the latest temporary assignments available, I have been able to work with the agency on a temporary basis around full time work also during my time with them, truly flexible and they look after their people.