Miss H.Ukeni – Chef - Placed May 2018

Customer Service (Score 1 – 10)

  • Level of customer service provided by the Consultant - 10
  • Sufficient amount of information provided by the Consultant - 10
  • Communication with Consultant from enquiry/registration to placement in employment - 10
  • How likely are you to refer us to someone you know looking for employment – 10 
  • How did you find your whole experience with your consultant at Pertemps Network Catering – 10
  • Who is/was your Consultant? Nicola Sanders
  • If you could put in words how you felt we represented you during your job search that would be much appreciated? I was well represented in my job application for the role within an education establishment. My Pertemps Network Catering recruitment consultant followed up my application which made it much easier get to the interview, and I got the job in the end. Thanks Pertemps for the role you played.